Meet Our NewStart Surgical Weight Loss Program Director

Kerrie Warne, St. Alexius NewStart Director

Kerrie Warne is the program director at St. Alexius NewStart. With over 15 years of management and marketing experience, the majority of which has been in the healthcare field, Kerrie relishes the role of transforming employees into leaders, which ultimately leads to providing even better patient care. Prior to working in the management field, Kerrie worked in education which has greatly contributed to her management style.

She puts a great emphasis on providing potential patients with the resources and education they need to make the best surgical weight-loss decision for them. Kerrie is driven to make sure each patient has the best care possible and highest satisfaction with St. Alexius NewStart. Just as you need all available information to make the right choices regarding your bariatric procedure, Kerrie needs your input to make sure St. Alexius NewStart continues to deliver the best bariatric care in the St. Louis region. Please email her at to provide feedback.

Kerrie works to ensure the bariatric program has all the resources needed to provide the care and support you need. In addition, she supplies support and direction for clinical and support staff.

In addition to her work at NewStart, Kerrie founded TyREDD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization she created in remembrance of her son Tyler to raise awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. Check out her website to learn more about her mission: Please contact Kerrie directly if you are interested in supporting the mission of TyREDD.