Surgical Weight Loss at St. Alexius NewStart
Changed These Patients Lives

When I first found out about the St Alexius NewStart program, I thought there was hope. I thought, “I’ll still be around to see my kids grow older.”

Teresa’s Experience
Teresa’s Patient Experience
Michelle's Patient Experience

My life before St. Alexius NewStart was a lonely, ashamed existence. I got into a routine… I would get up, go to work, come home, stay home.

Michelle’s Experience

Before At Alexius NewStart, my life revolved around the couch and the satellite television. I was a diabetic. I could not walk a flight of stairs. My blood pressure was un-controllable.

John’s Experience
John's Patient Experience
Robin's Patient Experience

I was dragging around 300 pounds.. I couldn’t walk and breath at the same time… I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Robin’s Experience

It wasn’t the way I looked as much as the way I felt. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t live.

Crystal’s Experience
Crystal's Patient Experience