Cindy’s NewStart Surgical Weight Loss Story is Inspiring

My Life Before Surgery…

…caused me to miss many wonderful experiences with my grandson and family. I was not able to walk steps, therefore I avoided using them. All I wanted to do was stay home and avoid contact with people. I hated who I had become.

My Life After Surgery…

…started a whole new life for me. I have always admired people who could run on a treadmill, walk into a store and find their clothing size, or eat very little and be happy. The Lap-Band has given me all of that and more. I am no longer embarrassed about how much I eat. I can now go to a movie and fit in the seat, and walk into stores and find my clothing size.

The Biggest Change I Have Experienced…

…in my life is the feeling that I am in control of my eating and my life. I am no longer embarrassed or restricted by my weight. Thank you NewStart for the new life I have.

Before Surgery

Cindy H's Success Story

After Surgery

Cindy H's Success Story