Miranda’s NewStart Surgical Weight Loss Story is Inspiring

My Life Before Surgery…

…was very difficult. I had horrible joint aches and pains every day, walking was very hard for me at the age of 35. At the age of 32 I suffered from a stroke, due to smoking my weight, and family history. This is when I realized I wanted this surgery.

My Life After Surgery…

…is wonderful. I walk with no pain, I have lowered my chances of another stroke, and I am over all a happier person. I no longer carry the fear if I’ll fit into or onto something. I feel like a brand new person, people look and treat me differently now. It was not easy, especially at first, but I never gave up. Thank you so much St. Alexius NewStart Staff, for all you’ve done!

The Biggest Change I Have Experienced…

…has been the physical and mental changes I’ve gone through. It’s truly is a life changing experience in so many ways.

Before Surgery

Miranda O's Success Story

After Surgery

Miranda O's Success Story